Skrebutenaite Ieva
Updated: 2014-06-16

3la.jpgCountry: Lithuania
Program: Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture
School: Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine



 My story in Shanghai

I chose this school after months of checking TCM universities and it not only ranks among China’s top schools, but is located in the amazing city of Shanghai.

The university has a great TCM and acupuncture curriculum in English that is comprehensive and well-defined in its courses and places great emphasis on hands-on experience. The courses are taught by professors with a great deal of experience in their fields and are always willing to help and, even though English isn’t their native tongue, they do their best to handle the classes as effectively as possible. In addition, the board and staff accept feedback from the students and respond accordingly to ensure constant improvement of the program.

I must say that the knowledge and friendships gained from Traditional Chinese Medicine have made this a truly great place for oversea students.


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