A day immersed in Chinese martial arts 2018-07-17

Overseas students attending a martial arts program arranged by Shanghai University of Sport found their first day a good combination of theory and practice.

SHU bids farewell to intl students on Hanban scholarship 2018-07-16

Shanghai University held a farewell meeting for 14 international students, all of whom were on the Confucius Institute Scholarship, on July 5.

Chinese sports program for intl students held at SUS 2018-07-16

Shanghai University of Sport opened a 2018 Shanghai Summer School program on July 6, featuring the traditional Chinese sports of martial arts and table tennis.

Intl students gain new insights into Shanghai achievements 2018-07-16

A group of 160 international students studying at universities from the Yangtze River Delta region embarked on a three-day educational trip to Shanghai on July 7.

Italian student becomes online celebrity in China after hailing hot water 2018-07-16

An Italian postgraduate student became an online sensation in China after claiming that hot water, which is strongly favored by Chinese as "a healthy beverage," is also his miracle treatment.

International scholars enhance China studies in Shanghai 2018-07-12

The Visiting Program for Young Sinologists (Shanghai), which opened on July 9, attracted 32 international scholars from 27 countries to experience contemporary China.

Chinese speech activity for college students in Shanghai rounds off 2018-07-12

The results of the Chinese speech activity for college students in Shanghai, which was themed "New era, Chinese dream, My story", were released June 27.

Tongji University holds commencement for international students 2018-07-10

International students from over 100 countries graduated from Tongji University in Shanghai June 27.

Yao Ming graduates from Shanghai Jiao Tong University 2018-07-09

Yao Ming, the former Chinese basketball star and NBA Houston Rockets center, received his bachelor's degree at Shanghai Jiao Tong University on Sunday.

SSPU bids farewell to overseas students 2018-07-09

Shanghai Polytechnic University held a graduation ceremony for six overseas students from Mongolia, Kazakhstan and Laos on July 24.

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